A design challenge to create a digital product concept for luxury jean company Hiut Denim. The challenge was to extend target market reach and appeal to a new audience
5 week project Main responsibilities;
User research, creating personas, wireframes, A/B testing, UI high fidelity prototype

We identified the target audience as modern creatives and created an app concept that appealed to their need for visually engaging and intuitive interactions. This was achieved in the clean and minimalist design

Multiple product views allow users to see the quality and detail of the Jeans. To communicate the value and selling points of the jeans in a more interactive and engaging way.
Customisation of Button, threads and zips adding to the usp of the brand
Interactive billboard on the high street to capture the attention of shoppers and to show the quality and attributes of the product.
In store VR experience transports the shoppers to Cardigan, Wales to connect them with the brands heritage. Using google cardboard to echo the raw material of the jeans and authenticity of the brand