A critical thinking challange working collaboratively to answer big topics given to us by RCA. Responding to the brief by creating an art piece using the found objects provided 
Key skills;
Critical and creative thinking. collaboration and team work, time management and organasation skills. Presenting and pitching


In our brief we explored the effect of dematerialism on user behaviour, such as the ever decreasing tactility of our mobile devices. The lose of buttons steadily being replaced with gesture control and soon new technologies of wearables and virtual realities and voice control. All which will impacts how users interact with the world around them.

The final piece was a curated collection of objects each playing on the extremes of tactile feedback and gesture controlled interfaces.

You may be wondering how an art exhibition piece found its way in a UX portfolio. This piece demonstrates a fundamental part of my practice. Critical thinking. Curiosity and the ability to ask big questions.
As a designer I often pause and reflect and take time to question and critically analyse the wider context of my design decisions.